For the Love of Patrick - UK Promotional Tour 2018

My first blog- ever- gave you an insight to what drives us authors to write. It’s a need a hunger, with many more derivatives!

And when we finally write ‘The End’ on our manuscripts; we wait hopefully for it to be taken up by a publisher. Thinking, if so, that will be the end of it and we are able to remain safe in our wombat holes typing out more stories for the publisher, and our readers.

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For the Love of Patrick - 1881 Club Book Launch

Our beautiful friend The Baroness Anette Von Kohorn hosted for me a wonderful book launch under their banner of the 1881 Club.

The 1881 Club is a newly founded International Cultural experience. I was lucky enough to be there at ground level. I’m positive The 1881 Club will be a huge success with membership eagerly sought after.

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What makes you write stories and how do you go about it?

Readers and interested parties, always ask me, ‘what makes you write stories and how do you go about it? Well, I thought I could answer only for me. But after hearing other author’s talk at a writers conference, it seems we all come from the same tribe! You are born with a need, a desire and the drive to write stories. Now some of us are far more academic and therefore literary geniuses.

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