• ISBN Paperback: 9780648539155
  • ISBN E-Book: 9780648539162
  • Publisher: Ingram Spark
  • Publication Country: Australia
  • Publication date: 02/02/2020
  • Format: Paperback | 226 pages
  • Dimensions: 240 x 352 x 155.7mm

Set in 1897.
Henry, a talented artist and only son of the Duke of Harrowfeild, finds himself heartbroken after his cruel, practical joking father banishes his one true love, Pierre Boyar.

The reason being; Henry and Pierre's love making was discovered by the Minister Timms, who also resides on the expansive grounds of the Duke. Timm's delivery of this information to the Duke meets at first with an angry rebuff. However, the truth, he has suspected all along. Therefore, the Duke decides he will send Timms, along with his wife, his mute daughter, Sarah and Pierre to Australia. The Duke gifts, Pierre, two fine thoroughbred horses knowing that Pierre's love for horses almost outshines his love for Henry. Pierre is ordered to marry Sarah immediately and only then will the group be given enough funds to see them lead a comfortable life in Australia.

Meanwhile, it takes all of Henry's cunning to escape his father's control and find a way to be with Pierre forever.

Henry, a pretty young man of twenty-one, realizes a hidden desire to disguise himself as a female. Ah yes! This is it! It will allow him to sail away to the great land down under and live happily ever after with, Pierre.

However, the events and eccentric characters that Henry accumulates along his journey, complicate matters with intrigue, humour and oaths that will never be broken. We assume.

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