Lulu's New Pony

Wicky Wacky Farm Stories

  • Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-60860-955-0
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-61204-878-9

Another Wicky Wacky Farm story sure to steal your heart! This exciting adventure about Lulu’s New Pony takes place on her family horse farm in Australia.

When LuLu receives a white pony named Miss Pickles for her 10th birthday, she’s sure the new pony will beat the boastful Melony Parker’s pony at the show. But Lulu’s in for a big surprise when Melony gets a new pony too, and both animals look exactly alike! Just before the event the ponies are accidentally switched, and it becomes a dilemma when a winner must be chosen.

In this wonderful children’s series, readers will learn that it’s easier to work together than against each other.

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Reviews for Lulu's New Pony

  • PiratesDream

    What a lovely children' s book. Not only does It teach our children great principles, it has a wonderful storyline with a very happy ending. My grandchildren loved it

  • DorS

    Every little girls dream, is to own a pony. Lulu learns her dreams of winning at the show, can also become a nightmare when she is out to beat the reining champion. In the end all problems are solved with good moral underpinnings.


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