Wicky Wacky Farm Stories (Bilingual)

English/Mandarin Bilingual Book

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    14.5 x 21 x 1.7

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    China Population Publishing House

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Ten Wicky Wacky Farms Stories are contained in this Mandarin/English bilingual book.

  • Wally's Super Rooster
  • The Haunted House
  • Peppi the Polo Pony
  • The Cats, Mr Smiggens and Mad Max
  • Lost in the Blue Mountains with Nan!
  • Peppi goes to China
  • Bonfire Night
  • The Uluru Adventure
  • Little Thought Monsters
  • Lulu's New Pony

Ideal for students learning Mandarin or English. This bilingual edition is used in schools across China.

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Wicky Wacky Farm Stories

Lulu's New Pony

This exciting adventure about Lulu’s New Pony takes place on her family horse farm in Australia.

Little Thought Monsters

Little Thought Monsters provides a thoughtful and sensitive look at family separations in a positive way.

The Uluru Adventure

The Wicky Wacky Farm family goes on vacation to Uluru in the exciting new children's book.

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