From the time she could write a sentence Dor wrote about her passion, horses. Although brought up in suburbia Melbourne Dor held onto both passions, which led her to jillarooing in the Riverina. Riding horses around sheep on the open plains gave way to soulful inspiration and her writing short stories and poems. Meeting Wade, a jackaroo, their romance blossomed, they married and moved to Wilberforce where they live and train racehorses on a property situated on the Hawkesbury River. Their life lived on the farm brought forward countless adventures, which Dor to turned into words. She is a successful children’s author and on her way to becoming a commercial adult novelist.

Wrong Side of the Fence

Grace Nobel, at age thirteen, had known little else but frustration and hurdles to jump in her short life. Still, her passion for calling horse races never faltered. It kept her grounded.

Throughout the years of missing her father while he was fighting in the Hot Arabian desert. To the melodramatics of her mother. And Grace's devoted care of her brother, Walter, who suffered slight cerebral palsy; her spirit shone bright and her determination remained.

Released 18/10/2021
Available in Paperback and eBook formats.


Henry, a pretty young man of twenty-one, realizes a hidden desire to disguise himself as a female. Ah yes! This is it! It will allow him to sail away to the great land down under and live happily ever after with, Pierre.

However, the events and eccentric characters that Henry accumulates along his journey, complicate matters with intrigue, humour and oaths that will never be broken. We assume.

Released 02/02/2020
Available in Paperback and eBook formats.

For the Love of Patrick

‘For the Love of Patrick' is the first in a three-book Australian Family saga.

A story full of adventure, humour and occasional sadness, the action includes the Australian Light Horse, and highly credible First World War action. Patrick’s engaging personality, loved by all, is cultivated while growing up adored by every girl and every nun at the orphanage where his mother was forced to leave him. His mother’s subsequent life, and the engaging characters who befriend her, run parallel to Patrick’s until as a young man they are reunited.

A powerful drama mixed with hilarity, if you love Australian history leavened with humour you will enjoy this novel.

Released 31/08/2017
Available in Paperback and eBook formats.

For the Love of Freedom

‘For the Love of Freedom' is the second in a three-book Australian Family saga.

Sally Darcy, daughter of Patrick Darcy, is living her dream in London, beginning  1937. However, after completing her journalism studies, 1939, the Second World War breaks out and against her father’s wishes, Sally becomes a European war correspondent.  

Milly, Sally’s young aunty at this time, is reigning supreme upon the European opera stage and only months before the war, she falls madly in love with a Swiss-German officer and sometime later she goes missing. As a result, Sally, with her chutzpah and credentials, sets out to find Milly and rescue her. That journey guides Sally into the hands of the French Resistance and …

Released 17/05/2019
Available in Paperback and eBook formats.

For the Love of Justice

‘For the Love of Justice' is the third in a three-book Australian Family saga.

PJ, Patrick Darcy Junior, graduated with a law degree from Adelaide University. 1957. However, in his spare time he’d been living a dream, working in a racehorse stable, Morphetville South Australia. The Darcy family owned a history of breeding and racing thoroughbreds and the interest has amassed in PJ’s DNA. To the point of him considering to become a Horse Trainer.

The extent of this decision leads him to the Northern Territory, where he feels the solitude and spirit of the land will help him chose which path to take. Law or training Racehorses. Both avenues are tested when PJ meets a part white aborigine girl, Tarni, who’s horsemanship he admires. One day while working alone, PJ follows his instincts; when alert of danger he saves Tarni’s life from the grip of an attacker.

Their move together back to Adelaide and their choice to train racehorses, discloses many hidden discoveries which will force them apart until….

Released 18/07/2019
Available in Paperback and eBook formats.

Coming Soon!

Dor is currently working on several books. Watch this space for further details.

  • A Bugger of a Kid

    Dor's memoirs. An informative and humorous narrative, about being brought up in the fifty’s, surviving the seventies and never giving up her pursuit to live her passions. This book is sure to add many laughter lines to your face.

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