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Footy Fan and Clare Nutman - Rosehill 14th September 2013

It was with special permission that Clare was able to ride FOOTY FAN at Rosehill on the 14th. This was because of not having ridden in as many races as she needed. Common sense prevailed after Richard Nutman, her father and manager, rang the Stewards. I think they rested easy with their decision, after watching Clare ride like a true professional, to once again perform a copy book ride on FOOTY FAN to WIN again.



Footy Fan and Clare Nutman win at Rosehill on 14th September 2013



The only view of Footy Fan and Clare that the rest of the field saw on the 14th September.



Clare after her debut win at Rosehill


Claire Nutman with trainer Wade Slinkard -1379134158 n

Clare and Wade celebrate!!


Photos of Clare Nutman on RacePix

Photos of Footy Fan on RacePix

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