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Introducing Peggy the Border Collie Puppy

31st July 2013

For the sake of the children we purchased another Border Collie pup and named her Peggy, after the lady who gave us Jack and also went to great lengths to find this delightful pup.


This is a short video of Peggy learning to stay and sit, a bit shaky, but getting the message. She stays better if she's not aware I have a treat in my hand, it's just too exciting!!!


6th July 2013


Our dear beloved Jack has passed away. Jack had a rare disease called Addison Syndrome, we battled for many years to keep it manageable, but his heart weakened with his trauma's and it finally took him peacefully on the 6th of July after he'd had fun chasing his ball. He laid down for a rest and never woke up.


The definition of a best friend
Is the one who’ll be with you at the end
The one that waits patiently for your return
And greets you with love to burn
They join you in your sorrow
Have fun with you like there’s no tomorrow
They respect your every word with unconditional love
Jack our dog was all of the above
He was one of the kids and followed in everything they did
Be it swim in the pool, or wear a hat to look funny and cool.
He’d bring back the tennis balls
And come in an instant whenever you called
He loved to sleep on your feet
And fart when he had too much to eat.
To say we loved him dearly
Would be an understatement clearly
He was everyone’s best friend
And our love for him will never end.

Letter from Queen Elizabeth

3rd October, 2012

I must apologize and say, it was very re-miss of me for not letting everyone know, that in July this year, I actually received a letter from Queen Elizabeth herself. So in not wanting to make it seem like I was blasé about this amazing fact, I shall now let you in, on why I received this letter before I turned one hundred years of age.

I simply sent her Majesty my children's books along with my recollections of her looking and smiling directly at me, way back in 1954, when I was three years old and not too far from her, while she paraded down Swanston street. I was sitting on my father's shoulders to be exact and apparently I called out to her majesty, "I love you Queeny." The fact that I asked in my letter---- did she perhaps remember me---- may have just tickled her fancy. I know for a fact that she has a wonderful sense of humour.


Check Out Doreen's New Amazon Author Profile

17th November, 2011

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