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Here you will find the latest news regarding Doreen's Wicky Wacky Farm Series Books.

Coming Soon - "The Uluru Adventure"

1st September, 2011

Illust Uluru 22The Uluru Adventure is yet another entertaining story, based on truth, from the Wicky Wacky Farm Series. Donny and Lulu live every child's dream of living on a farm. There was always something exciting happening, or something to look forward to. This particular story is based on their wonderful holiday, spent with friends and family at Uluru (Ayer's Rock) and Alice Springs. Both destinations being in the middle of Australia, it was a vastly different landscape from their Wicky Wacky Farm. The children along with the adults had a great time and met up with some very different animals and even an Aboriginal Spirit, well maybe they did, or was it a dream?

Wicky Wacky Farms does London

2nd May, 2011

London1This was a truly amazing experience. So many people and so much to see - especially about the way we will all read books in the future. I for one will stay true to the paper form, there's just something about lending and borrowing books with friends.

Coffee stains, slightly torn ears of the pages, the hand written words stating who the book belongs to and when it was purchased.

It's like they have a history all of their own, not to mention the discussion with the owner as to what you thought of it.

I was told by our rights agent that my stories, including the unpublished ones, have been sold to India. I have yet to see the contract, but I am convinced someone in India will buy it as I had several very, very nice Indian chappies lined up to buy the rights.

All in all it was amazing and I was able to get my books out to some countries that I hadn't even heard of. I'll rest on my laurels for a while, but in saying that I intend to do a lot more at home, like reading around schools and libraries. So if anyone wants me to attend their kid's or grandkid's school just give me a buzz.

One funny story I must share. When staying at my friend's property in Salisbury, England, I was asked to drive the car to a paddock down the road and pick her and her kids up after they had put the ponies out to pasture.

When I arrived, there was an enormous cow mooing in the middle of the road. On the right hand side facing me was a line up of cars protecting concerned people, including a cop on the radio asking for back up. I asked what the problem was. The cop said: "stand easy, just calling for back up." I immediately shooed the cow, whilst saying: "it's only a bloody cow!" and she ran into the woods. The Cop jumps out of the car and shakes my hand, then says: "I say, well done". How funny is that?

I do hope you got a giggle with the cow story. It was just like an English Sitcom

London - Book Expo - April

2nd March, 2011


The book expo will be held in London on April 11th- 14th. Doreen will be there for three days and JK.Rowling will be amongst the welcome committee.

Doreen will be away for two weeks, with a trip to Paris also planned.  Through an acquaintance Doreen will be doing a book reading in a Paris school.

Beijing Book Expo

30th October, 2010

Doreen took part in the 2010 Beijing Book Expo.

Wicky Wacky Farm was a huge success with the Chinese public and publishing industry and talks are currently underway for a book deal.

Wilby the kangaroo was a particular favourite.