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Letter from Queen Elizabeth

3rd October, 2012

I must apologize and say, it was very re-miss of me for not letting everyone know, that in July this year, I actually received a letter from Queen Elizabeth herself. So in not wanting to make it seem like I was blasé about this amazing fact, I shall now let you in, on why I received this letter before I turned one hundred years of age.

I simply sent her Majesty my children's books along with my recollections of her looking and smiling directly at me, way back in 1954, when I was three years old and not too far from her, while she paraded down Swanston street. I was sitting on my father's shoulders to be exact and apparently I called out to her majesty, "I love you Queeny." The fact that I asked in my letter---- did she perhaps remember me---- may have just tickled her fancy. I know for a fact that she has a wonderful sense of humour.