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Here you will find the latest news regarding Doreen's Wicky Wacky Farm Series Books.

Wicky Wacky Farm Update

30th April 2015

I have some very exciting news, after giving up on my children’s books ever being published in China; I received an email from Blue Sky Publishing Company, Beijing, to say they have agreed to my conditions. So all going well, one very large ‘Wicky Wacky Farm book’, holding ten stories will hit the shelves in China come June this year. You will not recognise Donny and Lulu, they now have dark hair and round eyes. Blue Sky used their own artist, who has done all illustrations by hand. Now that’s special!



Looking Forward / Looking Back - Short Story Competition winner announced

The Queensland Regional, Rural and Remote Women’s Network (QRRRWN) and writers’ web congratulates Annabelle Brayley as the winner of the “most inspirational” story in their short story competition celebrating the 20th year of QRRRWN.

The full short-list of winners whose work is included in the “Looking Forward, Looking Back” eBook collection are:

1. Annabelle Brayley 'Watershed' (Winner of the 'Most Inspirational')
2. Kerrie Hinschen 'Cooking from the Heart'
3. Lindy Holmes 'The Code of the Bush'
4. Helen Marshall 'The Apple Orchard'
5. Glenda Tolley 'Looking Forward, Looking Back'
6. Julie Duke 'Hope Renewed'
7. Pamela Swain 'Rescue Plan'
8. Michelle Nichols 'Cubicle Stall'
9. Wendy Beer 'Lily'
10. Elizabeth Martin 'Damn Dog Won't Die'

1. Doreen Slinkard 'Looking Back, Looking Forward'
2. Glen Thomson 'Enrico and the Blueberry Harvest'
3. Jessica Moody 'Racing into History'
4. Adair Dunsford 'Other People's Children'
5. Samantha Turnbull 'Three Plus One'
6. Kristy Diffey 'Looking Forward, Looking Back'
7. Liezl Shnookal 'Sitting Beside the Survivors'
8. Elisa Fox 'Shattered'
9. Kathy Mexted 'Waiting at the Gate'
10. Karen Morrow 'No Place for a Woman'

Looking Forward / Looking Back - Press Release

Click here to purchase "Looking Forward, Looking Back: Lessons from the Land" (QRRRWN 20th birthday short story collection)

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Peggy's Progress - August 2013

25th August 2013

A short video of Peggy's first experience with sheep. She was 3 months old when this video was taken.

Maurice, the trainer, said that she is a natural and he doesn't see too many dogs with her natural ability.

So sheep trials here we come!!!