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The Wicky Wacky Farm Stories


Peppi the Polo Pony is a new children’s classic that will steal your heart. Follow Peppi as he learns the sport of polo, overcomes the nasty comments of people who don’t believe in him and proves that in the end a pure heart will always triumph. This ugly duckling tale is one for the whole family...  read more >>

Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-60860-955-0
eBook Cover: 978-1-61204-869-7


Another Wicky Wacky Farm story sure to steal your heart! This exciting adventure about Lulu’s New Pony takes place on her family horse farm in Australia... read more >>

Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-60860-955-0
eBook ISBN: 978-1-61204-878-9


The third book in The Wicky Wacky Farm series is now available.

Little Thought Monsters provides a thoughtful and sensitive look at family separations in a positive way.

Author Doreen Slinkard continues her Wicky Wacky Farm Series with a hearfelt book about a little boy dealing with his parents' separation... read more >>

Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-60976-516-3
eBook ISBN: 978-1-61204-870-3


The Uluru Adventure: Wicky Wacky Farm Series Book 4 takes readers to the heart of the Australian Outback. The Wicky Wacky Farm family goes on vacation to Uluru in the exciting new children's book.

Mother Dora, father Wally, and their children, Donny and Lulu, join some friends when they visit the scenic Outback and meet the people and animals living in such a different place.... read more >>

Soft Cover ISBN: 978-1-61204-597-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-62212-911-9


If you've ever wondered what China is like, the fifth book in the Wicky Wacky Farm series – Wicky Wacky Farm Stories: Peppi Goes to China – takes you there!

This entertaining children's book shows how everyone has the need to succeed, but sometimes ego can raise its ugly head. The story tells how two good friends deal with the problem.... read more >>

Softcover ISBN: 978-160976-309-1
eBook ISBN: 978-1-62212-916-4
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-66212-915-7