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Cobra King aka Ned Kelly


Sent: Monday, 29 April 2013 3:40 PM

To: Doreen Slinkard

Hi Doreen,

Well Ned didn't win on Sunday. They had all the scores from Fridays class and that determined it. They marked individually on dressage, showjumping and cross country. Ned had the highest showjumping mark out of all 3 classes and the equal highest cross country mark. Unfortunately his dressage let him down. He scored 28 for that whereas he got 43 and 44 for the other 2 phases.

It is tough being up against older horses that have more training.

Wayne Roycroft said on Friday he was a splended horse among other things and on Sunday said he was a magnificient animal. He had the highest praise of Ned, as he judged the cross country section, and so did the showjumping judge.

That said he is still 4 yr old champion.

When you log on you will see a picture and caption saying Di Cavalli Diesel wins young horse championship. Click on read more and you will see a photo of Ned.

I posted his cross country jumping on you tube. They have some cross country fences set up in an arena for them to jump.

By the way the 6 year old horse that won was bought by a lady called Angela Shacklelady for Shane Rose to compete. Her last horse went to Beijing Olympics with Shane, so you can be sure it is purposebred and cost a bomb.

The next event Adam will be riding Ned in is at Camden in about a month.

Kind Regards


Ned and Christine Bates Cross Country jumping round at Sydney 2013 Young Event Horse Class

Ned's 2nd event. April 2013 Intro showjump round.

Billet aka Sir Willy


How sweet it is for us---the true blue horse lovers—to see our--- and your beloved horses go to wonderful homes.

Thank you again, to all the good people who give them a caring home for the rest of their lives.


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Ausbred King


Retired Ausbred King
Our retirees are very well looked after.

Oliver Inglis and Toga


Olivier Inglis has no problems when jumping Toga.
Toga has competed successfully ever since he was retired into Oliviers care. They make a great team!