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Readers from all over the world love the Wicki Wacky Farm series of books.  
Here are some of their comments....

 From Author Roland Perry - Roland said:

"Read your books. Very good, very creative and nicely illustrated! Cute moral underpinning makes them stand out. Peppi was my favourite with the Little Thought monsters next."

Alan Jones Radio 2GB - Alan said:

"Thank you for sending the books.  I think they’re magnificent.  Leave it with me and I’ll certainly make mention of them, Doreen.  You are a star."

From the Gai Waterhouse website  - Gai said:

"One of the most talented children's writers is Doreen Slinkard. Many of you would know Doreen from being at the races. She is the wife of Wayne, a most capable horsewoman who obviously has a rare talent to entertain and enthral youngsters. Her latest two books are ?Lulu's New Pony' and ?Little Thought Monsters.' Doreen even has a giggle when her husband says she looks like one of the characters dressed in a bathing suit."

From the Waterstones website in the UK- Sarah from Yorkshire said:

"Peppi the Polo Pony is such a fun book for kids. The only problem is when I read it to my children before they go to sleep, my little ones insist I read it to them again. It's helped dramatically with their reading skills and helped widened their sense of the world, making them inquisitive about horses and farms- something we don't see a lot of in suburban England! Definitely a good choice for Christmas."

From the Albris website in the USA - Michael said:

"I actually had the Peppi books recommended to me through a friend who is involved with horses. I personally know very little about them, and while my young granddaughter doesn't either, she absolutely loved it as a birthday present last month. Fun and lighthearted, with a strong moral code, these stories are beautifully illustrated and lovely to look at. I would definitely recommend this book!"

From the Albris website in the USA -  Kyniska said:

"What a great book. At one level an enchanting read for children in Years 1 to 2, or to be read to kindies. At another level an excellent part of teaching youngsters about why tolerance for difference and respect for those not not like us is good. Also a story about why bullying is so wrong. I look forward to more books in this series."

From the Albris website in the USA -  Annie Tapp said:

"Ponies have enchanted children all over the world since time began and Doreen has again reminded us all of the 'power of the pony'. Throughout this wonderful tale about Peppi we learn basic concepts that we can succeed against adversity and that we all have our own special talents and friendhips come from unexpected places! A joy to read. My grandies are very much looking forward to more adventures from Wicky Wacky Farm and so am I."

From the Albris website in the USA -  Amanda T said:

"What a magical magical story. I absolutely love it!

Peppi the Polo Pony is fabulously creative, with unique and quirky characters who are filled with so much personality and pizazz that its impossible not to laugh, giggle and cry with enjoyment.

The story has an abundance of warmth, love, and essential messages relevant to all ages, yet it is communicated in an such a fun and captivating way. Well done at marrying the two together Doreen. You have provided endless entertainment for me and everyone who comes in contact with it.

Peppi the polo pony and wilby the kangaroo have captured my heart."

From the Albris website in the USA -  Max Morris said:

"It is fantastic to find stories like Pepi The Polo Pony that focus on traditional human values. There are too many TV shows and books that now concentrate on fighting or killing for domination. Pepi is a feel good story that all children will be able to relate o. It conveys the message that everyone can be special in their own way but best of all it does it in a way that keeps both child and adult entertained from start to finish."

From the Albris website in the USA -  PiratesDream said:

"What a lovely children' s book. Not only does It teach our children great principles, it has a wonderful storyline with a very happy ending. My grandchildren loved it."

From the Albris website in the USA -  imax said:

"This is a great children's book, written simply with a lot of valuable messages for young people. Doreen Slinkard has written this story with a lot of thought, and I feel sure that a lot of readers will recommend it to their friends who have children. The illustrations are very colorful and childlike.It is a cute story about an ugly duckling polo pony, that with the help of a pet kangaroo, becomes a champion. Ponies and puppies have a special place in children's thoughts. They just love them and they will love this book. I highly recommend it. I believe that Doreen has other stories to follow so please keep an eye out for them. I am sure that they will also be excellent."

From the Albris website in the USA -  CarolMc said:

"There’s a 3 year old who wants to have Peppi’s story read every night.

We are in month two of reading Peppi story every night again and again, the youngster never tires of this positive story. I too love this positive story, I started out in life a lot like Peppi, differance is I'm dyslexic.

Stories like this support the development of young minds to have positive expectations and values.

My deep and profound gratitude to it’s author Doreen Slinkard"

From the Albris website in the USA -  Mumof3boys said:

"My 3 boys love this story and the adventure that Peppi the pony has. I hope this author continues with her stories.As a mother of 3 young boys its hard to keep them still but they did for this story and it is now a regular story they want read at bed time.You won't be dissappointed when you purchase this book happy reading"

From the Albris website in the USA -  Jummah said:

"Having now read "Peppi" I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending it to the many parents and grandparents out there who have strong family values. You will find the book a helpful companion when story telling to the youngones when called upon to baby sit!!! It is excellently written and depicts many moral values that we all aspire to in this hurly burly life of ours. Well done to the Author Doreen Slinkard....you are a genius"

Email received from Author Denise Doraisamy www.kidsandadultkidsbooks.com :

"Thank you for driving all that way for us yesterday, for the coffee at lunchtime and the chips on the way home. Your generosity and wonderful giving self are greatly appreciated.

You are a gem and discovering you is definitely my blessing for 2011.

I loved the sound of your story, (the saga on the way down), and would be happy and willing to review it. However, only send it in sections of about 5000 words at a go, or I'll bog down. If that means a few chapters at a time, then great.

Your presentation yesterday was really good. I'm never over generous with my praise I might add here.  You didn't waffle, you hit the points of interest, you were HIGHLY entertaining and your delightful character of 'giving' was on full display.  No wonder Robert and Lesley embrace you. You are a real find for their company, no doubt about that.

I hope you are not too 'used up' today and that today is a good one for you. Once again thanks for everything."