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SchoolVisit2Doreen regularly conducts book readings for primary schools and libraries across Sydney.  She was also one of the featured authors for the 2010 Book Week at The Hills Grammar School. 

SchoolVisit1Here she is pictured with Head Librarian Tania Maley, who said "I think it is a very gentle story of life with its ups and downs and you have handled the values proposition well, so younger children are very clear on the message. I am the head Librarian at Hills Grammar School and it would be wonderful if you could come and read the story and talk to the children about the book.".

If you are interested in having Doreen read at your school, contact her today.

School Visit - Richmond North Public School

29th October, 2010

SchoolVisit2Doreen regularly conducts book readings for primary schools across Sydney.

Doreen visited the children at Richmond North Public School during the recent 2010 Book Week Celebrations.  The infants classes were treated to a reading of "Peppi the Polo Pony".  Doreen also talked about writing a book and answered many questions.

A fun time was had by all !!

Wicky Wacky Farms is heading West

29th October, 2011

I'm off to read my books at some country schools after we have our race day at Bathurst on the 19th of June.

I'll begin my reading in Bathurst and then stop at several schools on the way to Hay, where I'll look forward to catching up with old friends who were actually my boss when I was a seventeen year old Jillaroo.

I'll cut across to Conargo then Deniliquin and then Albury, staying with my cousin Brian, to help him out with doing a Dame Edna impersonation for a Rotary evening.

My last stop will be Junee, where a dear friend Leonie, once again, from my old Jillaroo days, lives.

I'll be away for nine days and this should suit with racing my horses. I pay Wade good Forman's wages so there shouldn't be a problem.

Wicky Wacky Farms heads South

5th October, 2011

I had a great trip to Melbourne finally meeting with the author Roland Perry. What a charming man he is. He has agreed to be my friend and help me with my novel when time permits him. I was complimented by him, with his saying I was "a very good story teller".


The children of all three schools I read my stories to were amazing. I give away books to those students that answer my questions correctly at the end of the story. Not one student gave a wrong answer, so they either enjoyed every part of Peppi the Polo Pony, or they listened so as to win a book. I like to think it's the first reason. I can't tell you how rewarding this is and also confirm with you, our next generation are coming along just fine.

Wicky Wacky Farms heads West

8th July, 2011

What a treat it was, to drive through our magnificent countryside. Loads of stock feed, fat cattle and sheep grazing happily.  The Murray and Murrumbidgee rivers flowing at their fullest. I liken it to a leisurely walk along the beach, so good for the soul.

DeniliquinPS1The country schools are the best; the kids were all so appreciative to have me come and read to them. I can't explain how it makes me feel, to see these gorgeous kids all listening intently to my stories. Of course, I'm sure it helps that I promise them a book if they listen carefully and answer a question correctly. At the end of the story, one little boy put his hand up to answer, he hummed and erred, I said "quickly or someone else will have a chance" he replied "well, could ya give me a clue?"  So cute.

I do my best to get around, so once again, if you would, or you know of someone that would like me to come read, at libraries or schools, I'm more than happy to do so.